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511th Fighter Squadron

The 511th Fighter Squadron is the original squadron of the 1st Air Expeditionary Wing. Formed in Spring of 2021, the 511th FS was born out of a desire to simulate the most authentic and immersive A-10C pilot experience possible within the confines of DCS World. 



The 511th FS trains for the following missions:

  • Close Air Support (CAS)

  • Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR/Sandy)

  • Battlefield Air Interdiction (BAI)

  • Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance (SCAR)

  • Primitive Field / Forward Arming and Refueling (FARP) Ops

  • Forward Air Controller - Airborne (FAC-A)


The 511th FS employs a "zero to hero" training strategy. This training program is multiple modules isolating skills necessary to be an A-10 Pilot, from basic airmanship to weapons employment. The training program will progress at the pace of each individual pilot. 

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